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What people think about IBC?

The Indian Business Chamber (IBC) was founded on June 13, 1989 to provide a forum for the Indian business community, to protect, advance and promote its commercial interests in The Netherlands, in particular, and in the European Community, in general, and  to make the authorities and the public aware of the contribution and role of the Indian business community to the general developments of the Dutch economy.

  • Around 4-5 events per year
  • Annual dinner, Golf Tournament, Investment talk, Talk on Healthcare, Trade Delegation from India
  • Diwali function every year
  • IBC Celebrates 25 years of existence.

Indian Business Chamber

It has held various seminars in cooperation with the Dutch Chambers  of Commerce, hosted many trade delegations from India and facilitated exchange of information among its members.

Meet Our Board Members

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  • Harry Bahl
    Harry Bahl Chairman
  • Pramod Sharma
    Pramod Sharma Vice President
  • Manu Katyal
    Manu Katyal Treasurer
  • Shivan Bhoendie
    Shivan Bhoendie Secretary
  • Dilip Kumar Gurnani
    Dilip Kumar Gurnani Board Member
  • Sumit Anand
    Sumit Anand Board Member
  • Vinod Sehdev
    Vinod Sehdev Board Member
  • Jasbinder Singh
    Jasbinder Singh Board Member

What people think about IBC

  • Best community in Netherlands for companies.

    Manu Katyal
    Manu Katyal The Indian Kitchen
  • IBC is must have platform for all indian companies which are located in netherlands.

    Harry Bahl
    Harry Bahl

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